Branding | Logo & Signage Design | wayfinding


The colors that were chosen for this project were green and red primariliy. We were very inspired by the rustic nature color palette of greens and a warm and loving palette of reds. These two ideas, nature and love, were what drove the wayfinding and rebranding project to its conclusion. With the use of pattern, this color palette, and the clean and accessible typography, Soup for You café was given a makeover that still aligned with their roots.

Soup for You café is located under the Bethany church in the Seward community. This free café is open five days a week and they welcome everyone for hot soup and friendly conversation. Although Soup for You café could be described as a soup kitchen because they do in fact feed people for free, as the designers tasked with rebranding their store front we wanted to give them more of a café feel. In order to achieve this, we gave them a warm and inviting presence.