Branding | Logo & Signage Design


Initially, we met with the girls to get to know them and their vision for the store. After assessing this meeting, the student and Houltberg decided that it would be best to walk the girls through a branding exercise to help them articulate aesthetically who they are as an organization. Essentially, we used this opportunity to educate these students about the process of creating a logo including research, inspiration, ideation and creating the logo.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf is an organization comprised of high school Somalian/American girls that meet at the Brian Coyle Center. This group conceived of a plan to start a thrift store focused on women and children’s clothing in the Cedar-Riverside Neighborhood. The MBA program at Augsburg University helped this group craft a business plan. In Summer Session I, an advanced graphic design student and Chris Houltberg began working with this group to create a logo for this new store. 

This workshop generated three distinctive goals of the logo. The graphic design student then generated three logo concepts to address these goals. This was a vibrant, energetic and intelligent group of girls and the collaboration was a huge success. The student is currently volunteering beyond the class expectations to work with these girls. And, design classes in Fall 2013 will continue to work with this group to design store signage and business collateral.