Branding | Identity Design


Calliope is the second oldest feminist choir in the country. They are inclusive and democratic so our design process naturally fit with their culture. We wanted to hear from each member in order to gain a more complete understanding of the chorus' identity, so we created a “Hello, my name is” survey for each member to fill out. This allowed us to understand the common threads between each member. We asked the question, “If Calliope were a form of transportation, what would you be?” to get to the real personality of the choir.

Our team began the identity project by creating mood boards and surveys to hand out to the choir to help us get to know them better. After collecting the surveys and organizing the data, we started our first draft of logos. Then we presented our six different ideas to the choir in the form of a booklet. The choir took a vote and selected our first iteration of the final logo. The choir gave us suggestions of adjustments, and after a couple critiques we were happy to give them a full package of envelopes, business cards, and letterheads for their new brand logo.